SUMMIT! The January 6 Aconcagua team calls in from the top of South America!

Guide Fermin called in a windy update from the top of Aconcagua at 22,841′!

Big congratulations to the team on their accomplishment. We’ll post photos as soon as they’re available, once the team arrives back down to base camp.

Here’s Fermin!

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January 6 Aconcagua team at High Camp!

Mountain Trip guide Fermin Avila called in an update for the January 6 Aconcagua team, who has made it up to High Camp on the mountain. High Camp, also known as Piedras Blancas (White Rocks) sits right around 20,000′.

Here’s guide Fermin!

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January 6 Aconcagua Team Carries To Camp 1

After making a push up the mountain to Camp 1 this morning, David Haffner called in a nice update on behalf of our January 6th Aconcagua team. The day began relatively early and the climbers shouldered packs with extra clothes, food and fuel.  They hiked out of the Plaza Argentina Base Camp and into a…

January 6 Aconcagua Team Update From BC

Dave Kozma called in with a nice report, but it was unfortunately cut a bit short, due to the satellite connection being dropped.  The team rested today in Base Camp, allowing their bodies to adjust to the much thinner air of 13,600′.  They organized their kit and prepped their supplies in advance of making a…