Team Japan 8 8 at High Camp

Yesterday was a stormy day at High Camp for Team Japan 8 8. Guide Eli Potter reports strong winds again today, but clear skies. It sounds like Mr. Matsumotosan has developed altitude sickness and will be descending with a guide to lower elevation. The team will be monitoring the weather closely, and if given an…


June 9 Team at High Camp

The team took advantage of good weather today to move from 14 Camp, up the fixed lines on the “headwall”, to High Camp at 17,200. The views from this section of the climb are stunning,  and it sounds like the team enjoyed the views as they ascended. The climbers are currently resting, hydrating, and relaxing…


June 13th Team moves to 14 camp

Matt, with the June 13th team, enjoys a cup of coffee after a big move from 11,200ft to 14,000ft. They seem to be in good spirits and happy to have the lower glacier behind them. Here’s Matt:


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