Sunshine and moving on up!

The climbers are finally being rewarded for their patience over the last week of stormy weather with a beautiful sunny day.   They took advantage and moved on up to high camp today after 11 days at 14,000 ft.   It’s hard to explain how difficult it can be to stay motivated to climb during a long…


Moving on up to 9,600ft

Drew called in this evening from their new camp at 9,600ft.  The team is doing great, having made two previous camps to this point.  The plan for tomorrow is to move camp up into the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′.

Here’s Drew!


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Sunny Skies and Climbing

The weather has cleared and the climbers headed up the mountain today.   The team took advantage of the sunny day to carry a load of food and fuel up to about 16,400ft on the ridge leading to high camp.   They cached this load and descended back down to camp to spend one more night before…

Heading down

The weather cleared today after the extended stormy period.  The climbers started for high camp this morning, but Suzanne developed a cough and unfortunately needed to turn around.   They descended back to 14,000ft camp to reassess and decided Suzanne needed to head on down.  It’s certainly a frustrating outcome after sticking it out for over…

Duncan Calls from Camp 1

They are off to a good start and arrived at Camp 1 this morning after an early start.

Listen to Duncan’s call from this evening.


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Wounded Warrior Team at 7,800ft

The team is moving right along and made it up to 7,800 ft on the Kahiltna Glacier today.  They’ve traveled about 6 miles up the glacier in the last 2 days and they’re doing great.   The weather hasn’t been ideal with a bit of wet snow falling on the lower glacier, but it hasn’t been…

Stormy Weather

Another day of stormy weather in the Alaska Range today.   The team is in good company up at Camp 3, with 2 other Mountain Trip teams waiting out the storm and hoping to move up the mountain.   It’s been over a week now since our teams have been able to move up to high camp,…

Another Day of Wind and Snow

If wishing could change the weather, our teams at Camp 3 would be moving up to high camp today, but unfortunately the weather isn’t so cooperative.  It was another day of wind up high and snow, but things began to settle down as the day wore on leaving them with some hope of moving up…

Traverse Team back to civilization

The Traverse Team is back in civilization tonight after waiting once again for the weather to break so they could fly back to Talkeetna.   They didn’t get to summit the mountain, but they sure gave it a good shot, spending 8 days at high camp in some pretty tough conditions.   The weather didn’t cooperate on…

Duncan and crew at Base Camp

The team flew to base camp today!  They met early this morning in Anchorage and drove up to Talkeetna where they checked in with the National Park Service, and then went to the airport in hopes of flying onto the glacier.  The weather had been preventing flights from getting in to the AK Range for…