Back in Anchorage

The weather finally cleared just enough for planes to reach base camp today and our friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi swooped in and picked them all up.   Special thanks to those guys for working hard to get our climbers out safely today in challenging conditions.   After a short time in Talkeetna to get some food,…


Rest and Acclimating at 14k

It was a day for the team to rest up and acclimatize before moving up to high camp and pushing for the summit.   They hope to push on up to the 17,200ft high camp tomorrow.

Here’s Eric with the evening dispatch.


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Waiting at Base Camp

The team is at base camp for another night tonight, waiting for the clouds to clear so planes can fly into base camp and pick them up.  The planes can only fly into the mountains when there is visibility, so the low cloud layer has prevented them from reaching base camp for the last 2…

Heading down the mountain

The climbers packed up camp at 17,200 ft this morning and started down the hill.  They stopped at the 14,000 camp for a rest and some food, and plan to continue on down to base camp tonight and should be there some time tomorrow.

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June 24th Team Summits!

Congratulations to all the climbers on the June 24th team who reached the summit of Denali today!  It was a windy day, and the weather was deteriorating in the afternoon, but they were able to get to the summit and are now back safely in high camp. Here’s guide Ted Grosgebauer with the evening audio…