West Rib team: poised to launch up the rib proper

Despite weather delays for other teams on the mountain, the West Rib team has managed to advance their expedition forward and are planning to begin the climb today, finally leaving the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna.  We will update as soon as we get definitive word…

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May 26 team: enjoying the Talkeetna hang

Weather kept the team from flying yesterday, but lead guide Ian Nicholson made use of the down time; making sure everything was in order and practicing a wide scope of mountain skills that will prove essential during their expedition.  This morning Ian reported the weather had improved a little and was happily heading to the…

May 8 team: in basecamp

Sean McManamy called just as he and his entire team completed their descent to basecamp, having pushed through whiteout conditions from 14 camp.  The weather between basecamp and Talkeetna was nonflyable all day yesterday, hopefully they get their break today and can return to the land of green leaves and running water.

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UAE #2: weather delay at camp 1

Dan Starr called last night; the UAE team had holed up at camp 1 waiting for the weather to improve.  Weather willing, they will make for 10,200′ to leave a cache of gear and food, in preparation for moving to camp 3.

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UAE #1: weather delay at camp 2

Adam Smith sent a brief update from camp 2: no movement up due to weather.  The current weather has caused delays for all Mountain Trip teams on the mountain, requiring everyone to stay in place; at least, no one has moved up.  As a friend of mine once told me- you don’t fight your way…

UAE #2: moved to camp 1

Lead guide Dan Starr reported a successful and pleasant move with the UAE crew to camp 1.  The glacier was in good condition and the weather was good enough, and the group was just sitting down to a mountain-style meal when he called.  The team is in high spirits and plan to carry a load…