May 22: at basecamp

Lead guide Caitlin Hague called from basecamp, where the team is settling into expedition living.  They were able to sneak in ahead of some forecasted snow and wind.  Their plan is to take a day tomorrow at basecamp to practice the skills needed to start glacier traveling in a responsible fashion, as well as rig…


UAE #1: Adam reports from camp 1


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May 12 team: Kevin lays down the law


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May 16 team: Alan


This one got cut short, but the team still sounds like they are in great spirits!

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The days are growing longer in Alaska, which can mean only one thing… It is Denali Season!!! Yesterday a group of climbers from around the world met in Anchorage to begin an incredible journey. Each climber spent months preparing and training for climbing Denali, the “great one.”  The climbers began the day by having a…


The second UAE group meet in Anchorage yesterday. They had a team meeting, picked up last minute supplies, and in general, rest and relaxed. Today the team is headed to Talkeetna to check in with the NPS and our air services provider. If the weather cooperates, the team will fly to the glacier this afternoon.

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May 12 Team at Camp 3

The team carried the remainder of their food and fuel up to Camp 3 from their cache site down near Windy Corner today.  The next move is to cache food and fuel for the eventual move to high camp, so they’ll see what the weather brings for tomorrow.  The 14,200 ft Camp 3 is a…

May 8: attempt to move to high camp

Word was passed through the Mountain Trip grapevine on the West Buttress: the May 8 team attempted to move to high camp today but ultimately made the decision to return to 14 camp. They are settling back into camp and all is well. Any time a team moves up to a higher elevation is a…

UAE #1: weather hold at camp 1

The team decided not to press their luck by pushing into snow and windy conditions, instead they took advantage of some bad weather to work on mountaineering skills and prepare the team for the rigors ahead. The plan is the same as always: poke their heads out of the tent, and go ahead up the…