June 15th Team at High Camp

The team is at high camp enjoying a beautiful day and getting ready for the summit tomorrow.   The weather up high has been perfect and they hope it stays that way for a little while longer.

Here’s Kim with the call from 17,200 ft.


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June 24th Team At Camp 2

Today the team did a “back carry” where they went back down the hill to pick up the cache they left a couple of days ago, and brought all that gear up to camp.  Back carry days are usually relatively easy days and teams can sleep in and have a leisurely morning, with just a…

June 26th Team Moved up to Camp 2

The team packed up camp and moved up to Camp 2 at 11,000 ft this morning.  They are doing great and the views just continue to get better as they climb up the mountain.

Here’s the evening call.


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June 15th Team Rest Day at High Camp

The team moved up to high camp yesterday and took the day today to recover, acclimate, and get ready to go to the top tomorrow.  They sound great and we got some personal messages from most of the team tonight, so enjoy.



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Duncan Calls from 14,200 ft

Duncan called this afternoon from back down in Camp 3 at 14,200 ft.  They gave it a good shot yesterday, but got turned around when the weather came back in.  They are running out of time and decided to head on down all the way to Camp 3 after the summit attempt yesterday.  They are…

June 24 Team – At 11,200′

Karen Bockel called in with a recap for the past few days from their new home in a beautiful basin at 11,200′.  They moved up to camp this morning and are well fortified in a stunning location.  Tall walls of snow and ice cliffs border them to the south, west and north, while the view…