May 13 Team Checks In from Base Camp

The team arrived at Base Camp! Lead guide Yoshiko reports that it was a smooth flight to Base Camp, and the team is enjoying a hot meal and a beautiful, calm evening. The plan is to eat, relax, then head up the Kahiltna glacier tomorrow to Camp 1 at 7800′.


Here’s Yoshiko:


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Cook and Bauernschmidt Private Team

Welcome to Alaska, Eric and Kevin! This will be our 46th consecutive season guiding on Denali, and we’re honored to welcome the May 13 Private West Buttress team and all of the other climbers that have trusted us to help them test their fortitude on the highest mountain in North America. At 20,310 feet (6190…

May 3 Team Carries to 13,200′

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in the team report today. The team moved a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site at 13,200′. Jacob reports the team is doing well, and the plan is to move to 14 Camp tomorrow.


And we also have a special message from the team:


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May 6 Denali Team Carries to 10,000′

Mountain Trip Guide Jed Porter called in with an update from Camp 1, located at 7800′ (2377m) on the broad Kahiltna Glacier.  Today, the team packed up roughly half of their supplies and carried it all up to an elevation of about 10,000′ (3109m), where they dug a big hole in the snow and buried…

May 3 Team Storm Day At Camp 2

The May 3rd Team checks in from Camp 2, where they stayed put today, due to weather.   This camp is nestled deep in a stunning bowl, with tall ice cliffs to the south, and steep snow and ice ringing the east and northern aspects of camp. A challenge with satellite phones at such far…

May 6 Team Moves To Camp 1

Goulven Couzon lest a message in French that (I believe, and please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments) John Molloy then translated for us (j’ai oubliez mon français…).  The team has moved up the Kahiltna Glacier approximately five miles (8km) and established camp at the junction of the Kahiltna and the Northeast Fork…