May 30 Team Moves to Camp 3 at 14,200 ft

Laura called in from the May 30 team after climbing up to Camp 3 today.  They are enjoying beautiful weather and sounds like they are doing great up there.

Listen to Laura’s call from Camp 3.


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Greg Calls in from Camp 2

Today the team did a “back carry” meaning they went downhill from their camp at 11,000 ft to the cache they left 2 days ago at 10,200 ft.  They picked up their cache of food and gear and brought it up to their camp.   It’s a relatively short day, usually not more than 2 hours…

Nicole calls from the May 26th Denali Expedition

Nicole had the honors tonight and called in from the 14,200 ft camp on the West Buttress.   Today was a rest/acclimatization day after yesterdays big climb to the ridge at 16,400ft.  They enjoyed beautiful weather and are ready to move on up to high camp tomorrow.

Listen to the call:


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West Rib Team Summits!!

Congratulations to the West Rib Team!  Klara, Jay, and Eli had a beautiful day for the big push to the summit from their high camp on the West Rib.   It is a huge accomplishment to successfully climb the entire West Rib to the summit, and requires a ton of work, dedication, and not a little…