Denali May 26 Team – A Few Photos

Nicole graciously shared a few pictures from of the team, and we’d like to share them with all of you!




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Denali May 26 Team – SUMMIT!!!

Rick Piette called in today, following the team’s push to the summit of Denali! The team moved up to high camp at 17,200′ on Friday, trying to get ahead of a change in the weather that looked like it was building and due to arrive on Sunday.  They made the difficult decision to attempt the…

Greg and Priya taking a rest day and eating

The team is taking a day to rest and acclimate at 11,000 ft to prepare for their move up to Camp 3 at 14,200 ft.   Greg called in the team dispatch this evening and talks about the “Denali Diet” which might be a bit more decadent than you think.

Here’s Greg.


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