Trip Reports

May 18th Team Moves to Camp 2

Cameron Kenny jumped on the satellite phone to update us all from the site of their new camp, nestled in a small, but stunningly pretty basin at 11,000′. The team packed up their camp at 7,800′ early this morning and headed up the long ascent of Ski Hill, gaining almost 2000′ before the glacier’s slope…

May 10 Denali Team – Weather Day

Climber Eric Hunter on the May 10 Denali team called in an update after an eventful weather day of watching movies and reading books in their tents. The team is hoping for better weather on the horizon, but for now they’re holding tight in camp! Here’s Eric! recording

May 18 Denali Team Caches above Ski Hill

The May 18 Denali team called in an update from the kitchen tent at Camp One, 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier. The team spent the day setting their first cache at the top of Ski Hill. “Caches,” or buried supplies at strategic locations, are crucial to the team’s success on their climb. All of our…