Rest Day at High Camp for June 22 Team

Today the team rested, hydrated and prepared mentally and physically for another summit attempt. It’s forecasted for the winds to abate, and if so, the team will make another attempt at the summit. Fingers crossed for blue skies and calm wind!

Here’s Ahmad with the team report:

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June 18 Team Heading Back to Base Camp

Travis called to report that the team descended from High Camp to 14 Camp. The plan is to rest at 14 Camp, then continue to descend to Base Camp.

Here’s Travis:

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Summit Attempt: June 22 Team!

The day began with clear skies, but the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in and the team made the decision to retreat to High Camp. They had ascended to Zebra Rocks, which is a prominent feature above Denali Pass, before the weather kicked in. Everyone is back at camp, safe and sound, and…

June 22 Team at High Camp!

The June 22 Team made the big move from 14 Camp to High Camp at 17,200′ today. It’s a beautiful climb, the first part of the route stays almost true to the ridge line above 14 Camp and the views are stunning. The team picked up their cache of equipment and supplies at 16,400′ and…

Part 2 of June 18 Trip Report

Again, here’s Karl:


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Rest Day for June 15 Team at High Camp

The June 15 Team is waiting patiently for a break in the weather before attempting the final push to the summit. High winds kept the team in camp today, allowing the climbers a rest before the the final ascent. Team members used their time in camp to build snow walls to protect their tents from…

June 18 Team at High Camp 17,200′

Yesterday the team retraced their steps up the fixed lines and the headwall, climbed the beautiful ridge line above 14 Camp, picked up their cached items at 16,500′, and made the final push to High Camp at 17,200′. It’s an exhausting day and Etienne reports that the team moved well and is feeling good. Great…