June 7 Team on the Move!

It’s been a very busy few days for the members of the June 7th Team. The team met in Anchorage, Alaska on June 7th for a team meeting and equipment check, then departed for Talkeetna on June 8th for Talkeetna. In Talkeetna, the team attended a mandatory meeting with the National Park Service and they…


SUMMIT!!! May 24 Team

A very happy, excited May 24 team called to report that the team achieved the summit! Well done, team. It’s a very brief report, but charged with emotion:


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June 4th Team at 11 Camp

The Team called in a quick report today, sending special birthday greetings and well wishes to loved ones at home.

Here are Scott and Brad:


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May 24 Denali Team Resting at High Camp

The May 24 Denali team is taking a well deserved rest day at high camp (17,200ft) after moving up yesterday. They are acclimatizing, recovering, and preparing for a shot at the summit tomorrow! The weather is looking good and they are optimistic that they’ll get a shot at a summit attempt soon. In the meantime,…

May 24 West Buttress Team at High Camp!

Mountain Trip guide Jesse Yon called in an update for the May 24 team, able to make the move up to High Camp at 17,200′ in good weather! Today, the team will take a rest day to further their acclimatization, and will keep an eye on their potential summit window in the coming days. Here’s…

SUMMIT!!! May 21 Team calls from 20,310′!

A very excited May 21 Team calls from the top of Denali after two previous attempts!!! We’re happy to hear everyone’s voices and shoutouts from the highest point in North America. We’re so happy for the team and very proud that they stuck it out and went for the top once again. Their hard work…