Uphill Athlete Fitness Training Plan

It is our goal at Mountain Trip to provide you with an experience for which you feel ultimately prepared.

A big part of our philosophy is that we are much stronger as a team than as individual climbers, helping one another overcome obstacles together that, as individuals, one might find overwhelming. This philosophy only works if each member of the team has sufficiently prepared for the challenge of the climb.

Mountain Trip is proud to partner with Uphill Athlete to support you in being physically prepared for the demands of high-altitude mountaineering. Whether you are just beginning your mountaineering exploits or are preparing for big mountain climbs, the Uphill Athlete training program will help to maximize your chances of success.

We offer their 24 Week Mountaineering Training Plan to all of our climbers, which you will then have access to for life. It is a heart rate-based training plan that is built to adapt to all skill levels through Uphill Athlete’s famous at-home aerobic threshold test.

“This plan is built on the three pillars of Uphill Athlete Training: Aerobic Base, Periodized Strength Training, and Specific Muscular Endurance workouts that will have you carrying heavy packs up the steepest hill you can find. With our proven methodology you’ll gain the physical strength, endurance, and mental resilience necessary to tackle any big mountain expedition.”

We offer this plan to all of our guests who sign up for a Denali expedition. Check out the 24 Week Mountaineering Training Plan to learn more.

For those who desire more support, join the Uphill Athlete monthly membership program for access to coach-moderated lectures, Q&As, and chats. Uphill Athlete also offers personalized, evidence-based coaching to take your training to the next level. Uphill Athlete Coaching offers a unique training plan custom-built for you by an Uphill Athlete coach, in-depth analysis and feedback on every workout, regular coach contact via TrainingPeaks/video call/text or email (based on your preference), and recovery and injury prevention support.

About Uphill Athlete

Uphill Athlete has a strong mission: To inspire and educate mountain athletes through education and celebration. They literally wrote the books on training for mountain sports. On their website, you’ll find a wealth of science-based, mountain-proven resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts. From trail running to climbing Everest, their expertise covers it all.

Uphill Athlete offers coaching, an excellent monthly membership program, well-tested training plans, and valuable free resources for learning and enjoyment.

Founded by renowned alpinist Steve House in 2016, Uphill Athlete is widely acknowledged as the leader in the field. Their carefully selected coaches work as a cohesive team, supported by physical therapists, MDs, Registered Dieticians, and sport psychologists. They have successfully trained a wide range of athletes across various sports, from beginners to some of the world’s top ultra-runners and mountaineers.

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