Vinson Team at High Camp

Tom and Lloyd are moving right along and climbed to high camp yesterday.  They are enjoying reasonable, but cold weather down in Antarctica, and are spending the day resting and acclimatizing today in preparation for a chance at the summit tomorrow.   All is well and they are enjoying themselves up high on Mount Vinson! Here’s…


Aconcagua Team at High Camp!

Lorenz called in from high camp today!  The satellite phone call is very garbled, but we’ll include the link for you anyhow.  They moved up in nice weather today and are preparing to leave for the summit early tomorrow morning.  Weather forecast is looking good and it sounds like a few teams have been trying…


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Aconcagua Team Rest Day at Camp 2

Lorenz called in this afternoon from Camp 2 during their rest day.  They worked hard breaking trail through the deep snow to high camp yesterday, so decided to take a day to recover and acclimatize a bit before making the push to high camp and on to the summit.   They are looking at a pretty…