Aconcagua Team Moves to Camp 2

Petra Campher called in from 18,000 feet (5500m) on Aconcagua.  The team moved up today from their Camp 1, roughly 1400′ below.  Everyone is doing great and the team has been working great together. Today’s climb started with a hop across a creek and trended up via a traverse that climbed out of a large…


Christmas Eve Dispatch from Aconcagua Base Camp

A nice Christmas Eve dinner at Aconcagua Base Camp. Everyone is doing great and looking forward to climbing to Camp 1 tomorrow.

Here’s Elna with the evening dispatch and sending love to family and friends at home.

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Aconcagua Evening Dispatch from Base Camp

Here’s Elna with the evening expedition dispatch from the Plaza Argentina basecamp.

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Aconcagua Team at Casa de Piedra

Day #2 of the trek!  The climbers are enjoying beautiful weather and trekked for about 5 hours today, continuing up the Vacas Valley leading up towards Aconcagua.   They ended up at a camp called Casa de Piedra (House of Stone) where there is an old stone shepherds shelter.  The camp is at the confluence of…