May 18 Team Back at Base Camp

Kyle from the May 18 Team checked in from Base Camp. It’s clearly been an exhausting few days for the team and it sounds like everyone is ready for a hot shower, rest, and a big meal. Great job, crew!

Here’s Kyle:


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May 28 Team Retrieves Cache at 13500′

The team made a quick dip down to 13500′ to retrieve the cache, then returned to camp and had a few hours of training. It sounds like the crew is happy, healthy, and being well taken care of by the guide team.   Here is Steve with today’s report (note that the recording ends at…

June 4 Team at Base Camp

It’s been a busy couple of days for the June 4 Team. On the 4th the Team conducted a Team Meeting, equipment check, and shopped for last minute items in Anchorage. Today they woke early, packed up, and drove a few hours north to the little town of Talkeetna. They had an orientation with the…

Birthday Wishes from the June 1 Team

The team is making progress! Today the climbers moved a load of equipment and supplies up the glacier to a cache site several miles up the Kahiltna glacier. Caching is an important strategy for the team, as it allows them to move a large amount of equipment and supplies up the mountain and also allows…

May 21 Team Back at High Camp

Quick update from Lead Guide Ben. Don, Thomas, Niclas, Gearoid, and Ben are back at High Camp, safe and sound, where they reunited with Greg and Jesse. It was a long day for everyone and hopefully the team will be able to get a good rest tonight. They will eat, hydrate, and pack up and…

SUMMIT!! May 18 Team

Congratulations, Team! It sounds like it was less than optimal weather conditions high on Denali today, but the team worked through the adverse conditions and put one rope team on the summit. Woo hoo! Great job and here’s Brian:


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SUMMIT!! May 21 Team

It was a long, cold, windy day but the team pushed through and Don, Thomas, Niclas and Gearoid stood on the summit of Denali. Well done! The team will check in again, once they are safely back at High Camp.

Here’s Lead guide Ben and team:


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May 28 Team Moves to 14 Camp

Today Team Alpha Whisky (May 28) made the move from 11,222′ to 14,000′. They cruised past Windy Corner and yesterday’s cache site and plateaued in the beautiful Genet basin. The views from 14 Camp are stunning—Mount Foraker is right in your face and the Alaska range seems to go on forever.       The…