Vinson Team is at High Camp!

Jacob Schmitz called in from High Camp on Mount Vinson.  The team moved up today in calm, beautiful weather.  They made very good time and spent the afternoon digging in and fortifying their camp.  There is some wind forecasted for the coming days, so they will wake up tomorrow and might make an attempt at…


Vinson Team is Headed High!

We just received word that, after stuffing themselves on an all-you-can-eat breakfast of pancakes and bacon, the team is packed up and on the move up the fixed lines to High Camp!



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Dec. 26 Vinson Team at Camp 1

The team moved up to Camp 1 or “Low Camp” yesterday and spent the day today resting, acclimatizing, and preparing for the move to high camp tomorrow.   The weather has turned for the better after a couple of stormy days at basecamp and they are enjoying the endless views across Antarctica from their new camp.   …