Denali May 26th Team Carried a Mountain of Gear to 13,500 ft

Ricardo called for the May 26th team this evening with an update from the 11,000 ft camp.  They have been enjoying great weather and carrying their “Mountain of Gear” up Denali.  They are doing great and seem to be enjoying themselves up there.

Listen to Ricardo from 11,000 ft:


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Denali May 30 Team – Report from Base Camp

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in a report from Denali Base Camp.  The entire team made it in and everyone is very excited to hit the trail in the wee hours of the morning.

Here’s Jacob:


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Denali May 30 Team is on the Glacier!

The May 30th Team made the two hour drive north to the small, end of the road (literally!) town of Talkeetna Alaska.  They finished their registration process with the National Park Service and attended an NPS orientation on the challenges of climbing Denali, before making their way to the airstrip to board a ski equipped…

Denali West Rib Team

Eli Potter called in from Apex Camp on the West Rib of Denali.  The team had a big, hard day of climbing to reach this small perch at roughly 12,900′.  They had to negotiate a very challenging bergschrund, which is a large, crack or crevasse that forms where the glacier of a valley pulls away…