April 22 team: still holding at camp 3


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April 22 team: Holding at camp 3

Yoshi checked in last night from camp 3.  The range had gotten some weather in the past few days, but at 14,200′ the expedition was looking down on the cloud tops and stayed in the clear.  Yesterday morning’s weather was unsettled, with winds in camp all night and 50mph winds forecast for high camp.  Dealing…

April 22nd Team at Camp 3

Listen to the call from Camp 3 from our April 22nd team!  It sounds like everyone is doing well, and getting a taste of Arctic mountaineering as it reached -33 c/ -27f last night.   A pretty normal overnight low at 14,000 ft in the Alaska Range this time of year.  The recording isn’t great, but…

April 29: skill building at basecamp

Sean called in from base camp this evening to let us know that they are doing great.  They spent the first day getting organized and practicing some mountaineering skills before heading up the mighty Kahiltna glacier towards camp 1 tomorrow.

Click the link below to listen to his call.


Spot GPS tracking.


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Relaxing at Camp 2

Yesterday the team all moved up to Camp 2 here. A tough hike up in high winds yesterday. Winds were gusting to 25-30 knots, but today things have calmed down considerably. Were doing well, just moving around slowly as we readjust to the altitude. Its becoming a bit of an unusual season.  Almost the entire…