May 13 Team – at Camp 1

The crew flew to the glacier yesterday and initially thought that they might benefit more from slowing down and getting some rest, rather than hitting the ground running, so they slept in a bit this morning.  When they awoke, temperatures were still quite cold, so they decided that they might as well get the best…


The Tylers Expedition reports from Camp 1

Joe Butler called in from the Tylers trip this evening with an update.   They are moving right along, already in Camp 1 and having a good time!


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April 29 team resting at 14k

Jason had the honor of calling in for the April 29th West Buttress team this evening.   They carried a load of gear up to the ridge yesterday, and are having a rest and recovery day today.  They are ready to push up to high camp tomorrow if the weather looks good!   Sounds like they are…

Call from Zach, back in camp

Here’s the evening dispatch from Zach and the “Lucky Lindy” team.   They carried a load of gear up to about 10,400 ft today and are back in camp resting.   I think Zach thought the phone was hung up and you can hear him talking at the end, it’s pretty funny, but rated PG if you…

Final Call from April 22nd team at base camp

Well they are on their way back to Talkeetna this evening, they didn’t reach the top, but it sounds like they gave it a good shot and had a great adventure!   Congratulations to all the team, nice effort, enjoy the beer in Talkeetna you’ve earned it!


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Welcome May 13th Team

Hello and welcome followers, to the May 13th Team. Let’s meet the team! We have climbers: Jon Ryall from England Stephanie Nelson from England Scott Tippett from Colorado Jim Arnold from Colorado Paul Pottinger from Washington Matthew Fuller from Canada James Molnar from Ohio Cindy Outlaw from California Scott Holder from California Our guides for…

April 22 Team – at Camp 1

The entire crew slept at 7,800 feet, at Camp 1 and is on the move to Base Camp. Lead guide Michael Burmeister estimates that with the weather continuing to be good, they will fly off the glacier late this afternoon, and be back in the metropolis of Talkeetna this evening.

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Watching and Waiting

The Team is in Base Camp and we are watching the weather very close now. We have some of the best forecasting in the world coming into the Mountain Trip Base Camp here. Right now one branch of the Jet Stream is sitting near the top of Everest so is delaying things for the next…