Vinson Team Summit Attempt

Jacob called in from the Vinson Team this morning from high camp.  It looks like a nice day and they are getting prepared to head towards the top of Antarctica!   We’ll get updates as they progress today. Here’s Jacob’s call this morning. recording Updated:   They called again from back at high camp.  They started towards…


High camp for Mt Vinson Team

The team moved up to high camp today and are settling in on a cold Antarctica day.


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Laura calls from Aconcagua

The November 26th team regrouped at base camp after a pretty intense wind storm a couple days ago and are back on the move.  Rich, Laura, and Joe are on their way back up the mountain, and the rest of the crew is heading back to Mendoza.  They’ve used up most of their weather days,…

Base Camp slumber party

Joe called back and it sounds like they are having a good time up there.  They are all sleeping in the big dining tent tonight, and they’ll call tomorrow with some updates.

Listen to the call:


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