June 23 Team Carries to 10,200′

Lead Guide Sean McManamy called in from the team’s Camp 1 at 7,800′ today.  The crew carried supplies and equipment about 3.5 miles up glacier to an elevation of near 10,200′ this morning.  It has been hot on the glacier during the long sunny Alaskan days, so they awoke early and moved while the glacier…



The team moved from Base Camp to Camp 1 yesterday. Due to the warm weather and conditions on the lower glacier, the team rested during the day a moved at night when the weather is cooler, which makes for much more comfortable conditions to move up the glacier. Believe it or not, it can be…



On Friday, June 26th, a small group of climbers will meet in Anchorage, AK to join a team of Mountain Trip guides for an attempt to climb the highest peak in North America. Denali rises 20,320′ above the not-too-distant sea. Located close to the Arctic Circle, it is famous for presenting climbers with extreme cold…


Team Stuart Reaches The Summit of Denali!

Lead Guide Jacob Schmitz called in from the summit of Denali. The team made quick work of their summit day, arriving at the top in under seven hours. They had a strange experience of feeling an earthquake while they were traversing the knife edged summit ridge!

Here’s Jacob:

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June 24 Team – Meet the Team!

Denali is a mountain that draws the attention of climbers from around the world.  We love sharing the Alaska Range with international climbers who have traveled great distances to challenge themselves on the icy flanks of North America’s highest peak.  At 20,230 feet (6194m), Denali rises a full 18,000′ (5500m) above the surrounding landscape.  It’s…