2017 Everest Team Is At Camp 1!!

Early in the morning, our 2017 Mount Everest Expedition departed the comfort of Base Camp and forged their way up through the difficult and exciting Khumbu Icefall.  Everyone did great and the team is now camped at Camp 1 at an elevation of 18,850 feet. Passing through the Icefall involved climbing through seracs (towering ice…


Everest 2017 – Terry Calls From Camp 1

Terry Kelleher called in a very nice post from Camp 1 at 18,850 feet (5745m) on Mount Everest.  The team climbed up through the Khumbu Icefall early this morning and arrived happy and in good health at Camp 1.

Here’s Terry!

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Everest Base Camp – Chris checks in!

Chris Jentz called in from Everest Base Camp, as our 2017 Mount Everest Expedition continues the long process of acclimatizing and preparing to head up the tallest mountain in the world! The audio quality is not too great – one of the challenges of calling in mountainous areas…  But it’s great to hear his voice…