Aconcagua Team – Rest Day at Camp 1

  Jack called in today’s post, although it is, unfortunately, largely unintelligible.  Camp 1 is in a valley that drains from a large bowl that separates Aconcagua from Cerro Ameghino, it’s 20,000′ neighbor.  Ameghino sits directly to the north of camp, and it’s towering height interferes with satellite connectivity.  Communication from the next camp, at…


November 28 Aconcagua Team is at Camp 1

Amidst blustery winds, our Aconcagua team packed up and hiked 3000′ up to their next camp, located below a very large basin at an elevation of about 16,400′ (5000m).  Lorenz called with an update and from the sound of his voice, it was a bittersweet departure.  Base Camp is a pretty comfortable place, with good…


Aconcagua Team Carried to Camp 1

Lorenz called in from the Plaza Argentina Base Camp at 4150m (13,600′) after the team carried loads to Camp 1 at right near 5000m (16,400′) earlier in the day. The mountain presented very challenging conditions for the team.  It was very cold and they climbed into a fierce wind, making for a very tough day…


Island Peak Team back in Namche

The team is back in Namche tonight, and continuing to Lukla in the morning.  They’ve had a great trip and the weather, which started off a bit rough, turned around and was nice when they needed it.

Here’s Ross with the evening audio dispatch from our team in Namche:


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Island Peak Team Audio Dispatch

Jerry Bays called in with the audio expedition dispatch from our Island Peak climbing team.  They are back down in the relatively low thick air of Deboche tonight staying in a really nice lodge and enjoying a bit of relaxation after a successful summit of Island Peak.  They’ve had a great expedition so far and…