Warfighter Sports Team Hoping For A Break In The Weather

The team is hanging in there, but the weather isn’t cooperating.  They are sitting out this extended storm at the 14,200 ft camp with several other teams waiting to move up the mountain.  They are doing great, but the weather ultimately dictates what goes on up there.

Listen to the evening call from Thad.


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June 24 Team Flew to Base Camp!

The team flew to base camp this afternoon.  They had just about done everything they could in Talkeetna to prepare for the mountain, and to entertain themselves, so it was nice for the weather to cooperate and let them get to the glacier. They sent some pics as they were loading up the plane and…

Break in the weather

They got enough of a break in the weather today to get a bit of climbing done!  The job for the day was to carry a load of food and fuel up and cache it before moving to the next camp.  They’ve had a couple of stormy days, but it sounds like it’s a great…

Team Duncan still waiting at Camp 3

The weather improved a little bit today and they are hoping this trend continues into tomorrow so they can start climbing again.   It’s been snowy and windy and several teams are waiting there at 14,000 ft waiting to move up when conditions improve.

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June 15 team moved up to Camp 3

After some extra days at the 11,000 camp and a bit of snow, the team was able to move up to Camp 3 today in the 14,000 ft basin.  They were happy to get climbing again.

Here’s Kim calling from 14,200 ft!


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