Private Cook Team at 14k

The team had a nice mellow “backcarry” day from 14k down the trail about 30 minutes, and hauled some supplies back up to camp at 14,200 ft. They are settled in and hoping to carry a load of food and fuel up to the ridge leading towards high camp tomorrow, but not sounding super optimistic…


May 13 Team At 14k Camp

Yoshiko called in for the May 13th team this evening. They are watching the snow and wind and hoping to get a chance to move to high camp soon!

Here’s Yoshi from Camp 3

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May 13 West Buttress Team at 14-Camp

Climber Linda called in a very kind and encouraging update on the May 13 Denali West Buttress team.

They spent the day waiting out weather at Camp Three at 14,200′,and gave some accolades to their guides. The team is waiting for better weather to make the push to High Camp.

Here’s Linda!


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May 6 Denali West Buttress Team holding at 14-Camp

Mountain Trip guide Jayci Ferrimani called in an update for the May 6 team, still holding strong at Camp Three at 14,200′. Unfortunately the forecast for the upper mountain, 14,000′ and above, is calling for high winds and a storm system moving in today, 5/24, through this coming Monday morning. The team will keep an…