May 3 Denali Team cached at 10,500′

Guide Mason Stansfield called in an update for the May 3 Denali Expedition from the upper Kahiltna. The team spent yesterday caching at Kahiltna Pass, at around 10,500′. Since the team is climbing in expedition-style, they will spend many days “caching”–burying gear, food and supplies that they wont need until later on in the trip–and…


May 6 Team waiting to fly, rain in Talkeetna

Mountain Trip lead guide Brian Kramp called in an update for the May 6 team, who have been waiting to fly in to the Range in Talkeetna, due to persistent rainy weather. They’re unfortunately the first team of the season to experience the infamous “Talkeetna Hang,” where climbing parties are forced to wait in the…


May 3 Denali Team caches above Camp One

Climber Robert de Jong called in an update for the May 3 Denali Team from Camp One on the Kahiltna Glacier. They spent yesterday ascending Ski Hill, directly above camp, to set a cache near Kahiltna Pass, at approximately 10,500′ (2875m) to prepare for the move to Camp Two at 11,200′. Sporadic snow and clear…


May 3 Team at Camp 1

The climbers loaded up all of their gear, clothing, food and fuel for the next 20+ days into their packs and sleds this morning for the move up to Camp 1.  These will be the biggest loads they’ll carry for the entire trip, above here they’ll be “double carrying” as well as eating through their…


May 3 Team Settled in at Basecamp on Denali

Jacob made the evening audio dispatch from the Kahiltna Glacier.  They were able to fly right into basecamp this afternoon, and are enjoying a beautiful evening on the glacier as they prepare to head up to Camp 1 in the morning.


Here’s Jacob checking in!

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May 3rd Denali Team – Wheels Up For Base Camp!

Here we go!  The team drove from Anchorage to the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska this morning, where they completed some National Park Service requirements, loaded their gear onto ski-equipped, fixed wing airplanes and took off for the Alaska Range, destination – Denali Base Camp! Everyone was excited to get on the move and with…

January 6 Aconcagua team back in Mendoza

Guide Fermin Avila called in a quick update for the team during their descent back to Mendoza after reaching the summit of Aconcagua. The team has arrived back to Mendoza and are likely enjoying well-deserved hot showers and perhaps sampling the local Malbec! Here’s some photos from summit day:         Here’s Fermin!…