May 10 Team – Biscuits & Gravy at 11,000 ft!

Loving this Camp 2 update from the May 10 team’s climber Richard – tap below to listen to the audio! The team’s enthusiasm remains high after getting to sleep in on a snow day and waking up to a hot meal prepared by our guide, Logan. Coffee, biscuits, and sausage gravy tastes even better at 11,000 ft (3353 m)

– we assure you!

Sounds like this mandatory rest day was nothing but gorgeous and the snow has subsided! There is a good chance the team will be able to make moves to progress up the mountain if the weather allows. Following their late breakfast the team kept busy and got a camp “workout” in by shoveling around their tents to prevent the heavy snow from burying the sides of their tents.

All in all, everyone on the team is doing extraordinarily well, eating great, and feeling healthy. If you’re a friend or colleague of Richards – he has some special shout-outs for you so don’t miss the dispatch below.


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  1. Richard and team-
    Wishing you sunny skies for the rest of your expedition! Do they serve VT maple syrup at 11k feet breakfasts?

    Joe and the CAIRD team

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