Trip Reports

At high camp!

Joe and his team have made it to high camp after a tough but satisfying move from 14k.  Joe reports everyone being fed and in their warm sleeping bags, about to start a good night’s rest.  They plan on taking a rest day tomorrow and waiting for their summit attempt.

West Rib Team – SUMMIT!

We just heard from one of our teams at 14,200′ that the West Rib team reached the summit and have descended to about 2 hours from their high camp.  Guide Eric Larson reported that they it was a beautiful summit day and that the team is moving well on their descent.  They have only one…

En Route to the Top!

We got a call a couple of hours ago (sorry I was in town away from the computer) that Joerg, Kelly and Eric climbed out of the upper portion of the West Rib and onto the broad summit plateau at about 2:00pm AK time.  This would have put them on the summit an hour or…

Summit bid

After patiently waiting for three days at high camp, Mike feels that conditions are good enough to attempt a summit bid.  They are teamed up with another Mountain Trip team and will travel together throughout the day.  Stay tuned for updates.