Back to base camp

Joe, Scott and Jacob are back in base camp after a big summit day.  It was snowing and wet, but they persevered and reached the top.  They are back down in base camp and considering the trek back down to Sugapa.

Here’s the guys.


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Joe and Scott on the Summit of Carstensz Pyramid!

Congratulations to Joe and Scott.  They got up early this morning and got right to work climbing Carstensz Pyramid.  Listen to the call from the summit!


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Carstensz Team Trekking

Scott called in to report that they are moving up and trekking along.  The trek has been challenging, as expected, with the challenges of the terrain and the jungle, as well as facing some challenges from the local people near the village of Sugapa.   They are past the villages now and happy to be pushing…

Carstensz Team Flew to Sugapa

Scott called in this morning from the Village of Sugapa where they will begin their trek.   They awoke to a surprisingly clear and beautiful day and hopped on a plan up into the mountains of Papua.  They’ll meet their porters here and they are looking forward to starting in towards base camp. Here’s Scott from…

West Rib Team in Base Camp

Marty, Kenny, and Denali hiked down to base camp last night.  Kenny is doing better and it’s good to hear that they were able to get back down to base camp on their own power.  They’ll get a flight out on a fixed wing flight this morning back to Talkeetna (weather permitting of course, but…