Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called from the summit minutes ago!! It sounds like everyone made it to the top and they did it in good time as well.  It is pretty cloudy, and there is a light breeze, so they are going to head back down to high camp in a few minutes.  We’ll probably…


Going for the summit

Jacob has patiently waited for his team’s chance to attempt the summit, and has now judged the conditions worthy of an effort.  The weather is partly cloudy but with very little wind.  Every summit day is attempted with a ‘let’s just go have a look’ attitude, as conditions can rapidly change as the day goes…


Carried to 16.4 today

Chris called in high spirits from 14k.  The team carried loads up to 16,400′, traveling up the fixed lines and moving up along the ridge.  Chris wanted to carry higher, but he reported that carrying sleds on the backpack when the winds were blowing hard made for a lot of work.  Most expeditions cache their…



Zach checked in from 14k, they are resting and preparing to move down lower towards basecamp.   They plan to leave 14k at 4 am, which should put them in basecamp (all things lining up) mid-afternoon.

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Summitted! Descending to 14k

Zach finally called in today to report a successful summit!  The team slept in this morning to regain their strength, and are now almost in 14 camp.  Zach will call soon to give me an update as to his plans for descending to basecamp.

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West Rib Signing Out

This years West Rib/Riblet trip was thoroughly enjoyable, we had great weather, great, conditions, and a great group. We were lucky enough to enjoy splendid views on the upper mountain from a perch at 16,300 almost entirely to our self. Our summit day was technical in nature, long in elevation, and highly satisfying. Our decent…