Barela May 3rd, 7 p.m.

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Call from Camp 2

Bill Allen gives us an update from Camp 2 on their second rotation up high. click to hear Bill.[audio:]

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Successful move to high camp

Jacob called last night on the satellite phone from high camp.  Although it was a lot colder up there and people were tired from a long day, Jacob said everyone was warm and dry, eating a hot meal in their sleeping bags.  It took the team 8 hours to move from 14,200′ to 17,200′ (4,328m-5,243m)…

At 14k!

I got a call from 2nd guide Henry Munter last night- the team moved yesterday from camp 2 to camp 3, 14,200′ (4328m) and were settling into a big meal after a long hard day.  This expedition is fortunate to have another Mountain Trip team ahead of them, this means they can save hours of…

Audio Post Barela May 2, 10:23 p.m.

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Call from Tony Diskin at 14,000 Camp

We got a call from Tony yesterday, May 2nd.  It posted, but not in the correct category. So for all you following the trip, you may not have heard this.  It’s pretty funny.

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Everyone in Camp 2

The whole team is up here in Camp 2 now on May 2nd. Scott, Gregg, Irek, and Newall joined us up here today. It’s a bit of a grind getting all the way from Base Camp up to Camp 2, but I think we all agree it’s worth skipping by C1 and coming all the…

Call from Team Staeheli May 1, 2011

Hello followers!  Richard Quintilliani calls in the day’s post.  There are highlights of whiteout conditions,  Enteman’s pastries, and a growing conflict with some Frenchmen.

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Waiting on the Wind

…to stop.  Zach called in to let us know they are all doing well, waiting for winds up high to abate before going to high camp.  They took a little 10 minute walk, roped up, to peer over “the edge of the world”, which is a view straight down the North East Fork of the…

Spotty weather

Jacob called in yesterday evening from camp 4, looking for the weather forecast.  Usually 14,200′ (4,328m) is camp 3 and camp 4 is high camp, but the team was forced to make an extra camp due to a storm that blew in while moving from camp 1 to 2; there are no prescribed camp areas…