May 18 Denali Team at High Camp Today

Brain Kramp called in for the May 18 Denali team from high camp!  They climbed in beautiful weather today up some of the most technically challenging terrain on the West Buttress route to their camp at 17,200 ft.  The views from this camp are amazing, and they enjoyed great weather today. Everyone is in their…


May 28 Team Moves to Camp 2

The team enjoyed beautiful weather for the move up to Camp 2. They retraced their steps from yesterday and continued on past the cache site to 11,200′, the location of Camp 2. It sounds like the team is moving well, fueled by the guide team’s yummy cooking. And did I mention ice cream for dessert?…


May 21 Team Caches at 16400′

Lead Guide Ben Adkison called in the trip report tonight. He reports that the team had great weather for moving a load of equipment and supplies up the fixed lines, to a cache site at 16,400′.   The terrain immediately above the 14 Camp starts out pretty mellow, but the slope increases as the climbers…


Rest Day for the May 18 Team

The Team enjoyed a well deserved rest day today at 14 Camp. It’s important for a climber to allow his/her body to rest and recover from all the strenuous exercise of the previous days. It also allows time to eat well and rehydrate before moving up to High Camp at 17200′. The Team’s rest day sounded…


May 25 Team Caches at 13500′

It was a beautiful day and good weather for the team to move a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site at 13,500′. Caching is an important part of the team’s strategy to move the huge amount of supplies needed for the expedition, up the mountain. A cache is literally a big hole…


Cache Day for the May 28 Team

The team moved a load of equipment and supplies up to a cache site at 9800′. A three week Denali expedition requires a huge amount of supplies, and the process of caching helps the team move efficiently. In addition, it helps their bodies acclimate to the ever changing altitude. A cache site is literally a…


May 13 Team Headed back to Base Camp

Chris called in the team report from Camp 1. After taking a rest at 14 Camp, the team is making its way back to Base Camp. He sounds good, but tired, and I know he’s probably looking forward to a hot shower and a big meal right about now.

Here’s Chris:


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May 18 Team Caches at 16400′

It was a big day for the team, the first day of climbing on the upper mountain (above 14 Camp). The terrain immediately above the big 14 Camp starts out pretty mellow, but the slope increases as the climbers ascend. After about an hour of hiking, the snow starts to get quite steep, culminating with…