May 26 Team – Flying Out To Talkeetna

We recently received word that the members of the May 26th team decided last night that enough was enough…  They gave Denali a tremendous demonstration of patience, tenacity and perseverance, but the mountain was unforgiving and unrelenting in its seeming refusal to allow them much opportunity for upward travel.  Faced with a dwindling number of…


Denali Japan 8 8 Team – Sushi at Camp 2

The team called in from Camp 2, after spending the day keeping their tents as secure as possible in the face of a pretty fierce storm that blew in during the day.  At least they had some tasty sushi to feast on, whilst staying warm in their cook tent!


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We’d like to welcome a team of Chinese climbers to Alaska!  Qizhi Gan, Zhisheng Wu, Xianfeng Yang, Xingzheng Zhao, and Sun Bin will be guided by Mountain trip guides Sean McManamy and Brian Muller on an attempt of the West Buttress of North America’s highest peak.   The West Buttress is a classic mountaineering challenge that climbs 13,000′…


Team Japan 8 8 called in today from Camp 2 at 11,200 ft. Guide Eli Potter reported that the team packed up camp in stormy conditions, but as they made their way up glacier, the skies cleared and by the time they arrived at Camp 2, it was a beautiful day. They set up camp,…