June 10 Team Holds at 11 Camp

The team elected to take a rest day at 11 Camp. Guide Tyler reports that the team used the down time to practice skills and catch up on some rest. The plan is to move to 14 Camp tomorrow, weather permitting.


Here’s Tyler:


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West Rib Team Is At Base Camp!

Lead Guide Fischer Hazen gave us a shout from the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  He, Dave Helland and MT Guide Matt Park flew in and spent the day reviewing skills such as crevasse rescue in advance of their attempt on the West Rib Route of Denali.  A couple days ago, they finalized their…

Photos from May 24 Team

Thanks to lead guide Jesse Wright for these photos!

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June 10th Team – Backcarries to Camp 2

Lead Guide Brian Kramp called in from the team’s Camp 2, located in a beautiful basin at 11,200′ (3414m) at the base of the West Buttress of Denali.  Today was a “backcarry” day, meaning they made a quick jaunt downhill to the site where they buried a cache of supplies two days ago, retrieved their…

June 4th Team – Another Day at Camp 3

Lucyna Kolodziejska called in on the team’s fifth day waiting to move to High Camp.  The weather has been quite unsettled, meaning that for the first few days, it was blustery each morning, but cleared in the late afternoon/evening, but today it was snowing and blowing up high for much of the day.  From the…

June 12 West Buttress team at Camp Two

Guide Brian Muller called in an update from Camp Two at 11,200′, after the team made their move up in good weather and conditions. Denali sandwiches (toasted bagels with cream cheese and lox) were enjoyed thoroughly by all. Next on their agenda is to backcarry to Kahiltna Corner to grab their cache. Here’s Brian with…

June 10 Denali Team Moves to Camp 2

The team made the move up to Camp 2 today at 11,000 ft. They have had beautiful weather up until today, but today things changed a bit and they had to navigate up the glacier through low visibility whiteout conditions. They did great and are excited to be up at their next camp. They dug…