June 5 Team Ascending!

We just received word that the team has mobilized and is moving up the route! We will update this trip report page when we have further communication with the team.


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Final Dispatch from the June 2 Team


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Rest Day at High Camp for June 5 Team

The team spent the day resting and hydrating at High Camp and enjoying the incredible views of the Alaska range from their vantage point at 17,200′. They had plenty to time to observe their next push up the mountain, as the notorious “Autobahn” looms over High camp. The plan is to climb to the summit…

June 9 Team Back Carries

Today the team descended approximately 700′ to their cache site at 13,500′ to retrieve the load of equipment and supplies that they left a few days ago. Lead Guide Aaron Diamond reports that the team was well fueled for their back carry and they are now thinking about their next move—caching on the ridge above…

June 17 Team Carries to 10,500′

The team called in from 7,800′ (2377 m) on the Kahiltna Glacier, after a great day of pushing their supplies higher on the mountain.  In order to climb a big, cold mountain like Denali, teams need to plan to spend weeks on the mountain, which translates to a tremendous amount of food, fuel and supplies.…