West Rib Team Carrying Loads

The West Rib team carried a load of supplies up the NE fork of the Kahiltna glacier yesterday.  They cached their loads up at about 9,200 ft and returned back to Camp 1 on the main fork of the Kahiltna for the night.   They’re doing great and getting the job done.

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June 17th Team Rest Day

The team took a day to rest, acclimatize, and practice some skills they’ll need for the upper mountain today.  They hope to carry a load of food and fuel up to cache on the ridge at 16,400 ft tomorrow and they’ll encounter some of the steeper sections of the W. Buttress route along the way. …

June 26 Team at Camp 1

The team moved up to Camp 1 today and are settled in at 7,800ft.  It’s a long haul up the Kahiltna glacier, about 5 miles, and these are the heaviest loads they’ll be hauling for the entire trip so it’s a big day.   They did great today and are happy to be moving up the…

Warfighter Sports Team Heading Down

The team gave it a strong effort, working hard for weeks as they made their way up the slopes of Denali, but ultimately, conditions just didn’t cooperate.  They started up for the ridge camp at 16,400 ft yesterday, but were turned around by the conditions. Over the past days, feet of new snow has accumulated…

June 17 Team – Part 2 of Their Post

The June 12 team called back to finish up their post with comments, thoughts and updates from a half dozen team members.

Here’s the team!


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