May 10, Dingboche We’re all here relaxing and enjoying our time down in the low, oxygen rich land of Dingboche. We’re eating great, and getting good restful nights of sleep. The Snow Lion Lodge here in Dingboche is feeling like home, and we are very well taken care of by the lady who runs the…


Phone Call From Herr Niederer!

The team moved up to High Camp and took a rest day.  Here is Beat:

[audio:http://mountaintripdenali2011.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/audio-post-2011-05-10-04-44-48.mp3|titles=Audio Post]
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Carrying over Kahiltna Pass

Guide Sean McManamy reports that Jared and three climbers are currently carrying loads to the base of the Northwest Buttress, while Sean is hanging out in camp with one guest preparing to move on down to basecamp to meet a plane.  The phone cut out before I could learn who it was, but everything is…

Move to high camp!

Henry reports that the expedition put in a long and tiring day moving camp one last time up to 17,200′ (5,298m).  They got in late as temperatures are too cold to start moving early in the morning and had just enough energy to set up camp and eat a hot meal before everyone tucked into…

Weathered in at Kahiltna Pass

The Northwest Buttress team was bogged down in bad weather yesterday, tucked away in their camp at 10,000′ (3080m).  The next leg of their journey will have carrying loads ahead of camp up to Kahiltna Pass, up to the summit of Mt. Capps at 10,790′ (3,323m), down the north ridge of Capps, across the lower…

Happy Mother’s Day from Vilhauer

Trip leader Jared Vilhauer calls in from Kahiltna Pass to wish his sister Dawn a Happy Mother’s Day.  The team is still waiting out windy and stormy weather before they make a carry to the next camp. Click to hear the update:

[audio:http://mountaintripdenali2011.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/audio-post-2011-05-09-03-57-29.mp3|titles=Audio Post]
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The team continues to wait for good weather at 14 camp.  Henry reported that they had endured a windstorm yesterday but emerged from it none the worse for wear, and are still excited to move to high camp and get their summit bid.  Hopefully as you read this they are moving up in acceptable conditions,…