Trip Reports
Hello Friends and Family, Yesterday we toured the Ngorongoro crater where we saw a heard of 6000 wildebeest and a group of 20 elephant, among many other animals. Our knowledgeable safari guides taught us the habits and characteristics of each of the animals we saw. We stopped to visit a
Hello everyone, This morning we awoke at the Arusha Coffee Lodge to yet another beautiful day in Tanzania. Perfect temperatures and sunshine have blessed us throughout our trip. Dawni made close friends with the local blue ball velvet monkey crew, greeting her each morning on the porch of her cabin.
SUMMIT!!!! Mountain Trip Lead Guide Jason Denley called in an update and passes around the satellite phone to the whole Montana team on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. They reached the 19,341′ summit via the Western Breach route after several days of acclimatizing on the
The team arrived at their high camp at the toe of the nearly extinct Arrow Glacier today. It's a short day of hiking to move up to this high camp, but they'll only get a few hours to rest before taking off for the summit tonight at around 1am.  The
Jason called in for the team from Moir Camp this evening at 13,600ft on the flanks of Kilimanjaro. They had a nice trek up from Shira 1 camp today and stopped for lunch at "Fischer Camp", a camp named for the legendary American mountaineer Scott Fischer from his many trips
Phillip called in the evening dispatch from the Kilimanjaro team from Shira Camp 1. They were woken up early by the local monkeys, and got off to an early start to the day, climbiing up out of the forests and jungle down on the lower flanks of Kili and up
The team is finally on the move today and they began their trek up Kilimanjaro! They passed through some dense forest and jungle today, enjoyed seeing monkeys in the trees above them. They arrived in camp for tea time and a chance to relax before dinner. Here's Jason checking in
The team is going to start on the trek up Kilimanjaro today! They've had a couple of relaxing days enjoying the wildlife and the lodges around the base of the mountain and they're excited to be on their way up.  They'll hop in the Land Cruisers this morning and drive
Our Kilimanjaro team is enjoying some pre-trip luxury and relaxation before beginning their trek. Tonight they are staying in one of our favorite game camp/lodges where they'll enjoy luxury tented accommodations that are famous in Tanzania. The Ndarakwai Ranch and Camp is a private game ranch where they'll be able
Welcome to the trip dispatches for our October 2021 Kilimanjaro Trek! We're excited to be venturing out into the world again and our team has all arrived in Tanzania a few days early to enjoy and relax before their trek begins.  The team will be ascending the Lemosho route and
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