Trip Reports
Josh calls in to let us know they made it to Camp 2. After a nice nap, the team is gearing up to make the final push through the very early hours of the morning into Basecamp. This time of year, the lower glacier offers the best conditions when it
Team Brazil left Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m) yesterday and descended into Camp 2 at 11,200' (3413m). Due to the warmer conditions found on the glacier this time of year, teams are traveling largely at night (or really, early in the morning) when the glacier is most frozen. This provides
The June 22nd team has made it back down to Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m). They will rest up here, and eat some other food besides backpacker meals! After some rest, and waiting for the glacier to freeze up again overnight, they will make their way back down to Basecamp.
After spending the night in High Camp after their summit attempt, Team Brazil has made it back down to Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m). They will rest up here, hydrate, eat something besides backpacker meals, and start making their way back down to Basecamp and soon be catching a flight
The June 21 team put in a big effort for a summit attempt yesterday. This is a huge day, covering over 3,000' of elevation gain and 5.5 miles round trip. The day can take teams anywhere from 10-18 hours to accomplish. During that time, a multitude of factors can come
We are so excited to hear that yet another Mountain Trip team has touched the frozen reaches of Denali's summit at 20,310' (6190m)! It is a big day to make the summit push, ranging from a 10 hour to 14 hour day. The team saw some of the most technical
The June 20 team made it back into High Camp late last night after a long day on the mountain. They tucked into warm bags after being out in the elements for several hours and I'm sure slept very hard. Today they will pack up and start making their way
This super stoked team made their way up to 17,200' (5242m)! They are now settled into High Camp. They retraced their steps from their cache day, first starting up the Bunny Hill for a couple of hours until they reached the fixed lines. Here, they attached their ascenders and scurried
Congratulations to our June 20 expedition team!! We have been so fortunate to see a lot of Mountain Trip West Buttress teams stand on Denali's frigid summit this year, and we are so stoked to be able to add this team to their ranks. Not an easy feat, this day
Gustavo Ziller called in from Team Brazil's camp in the broad Genet Basin at 14,200 feet on the West Buttress of Denali. The team rested today and organized themselves for moving up to 17,200 feet where they will establish their final camp of their ascent. Tomorrow, they will pack up
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