Trip Reports
The team had a successful "carry day" today, climbing from Camp 1 up to Camp 2, at nearly 18,000 ft! They carried some of their extra personal equipment to cache up at C2, but their packs were relatively light today and it was mostly about acclimatizing to increasingly higher altitudes.
Aconcagua is known for it's wind and the team experienced some of that today as they moved up and settled in at Camp 1.  They left the comforts of basecamp and climbed up to about 16,400 ft where they set up their tents in the high winds.  They're all settled
The Aconcagua team is taking a day to rest and continue acclimatizing at base camp after climbing up to Camp 1 (16,400 ft) yesterday.  The climb to Camp 1 served multiple purposes, they carried some of their personal gear up to camp to get stocked up and lighten the loads
The team is settling in and acclimatizing to the high altitudes of the Plaza Argentina basecamp today.  Today was all about resting as their bodies acclimate, there were some headaches and some of the usual altitude discomforts, but folks are generally doing well.  After a few days, they'll feel right
The climbers are at Plaza Argentina, the basecamp on the Vacas Valley side of Aconcagua. It's always nice to get through the first phase of the trip, the trek to basecamp, and settle in to basecamp for a few days before the climbing begins.  They travelled up the Relinchos Valley
The Aconcagua team is on their way towards basecamp and will spend tonight at Casa de Piedra.  This was day 2 of their trek in, with Mules carrying most of their gear, they are able to hike with a day pack and enjoy the journey.  Today was a 5-6 hour
Truly the “Roof of the Americas,” Cerro Aconcagua, at 22,841 ft. (6,962 meters) is not only the highest mountain in South America, but also the highest peak outside of Asia. Located just east of the border between Chile and Argentina, the glaciated mountain rises above a very arid environment. Approaching
From the rainforest, to the high alpine and back again, the October 23rd Kilimanjaro team has made it off the mountain and is off to their next adventure, after a fun dance party of course. Waking up to a fresh dusting of snow really sets the mood for a proper
The team reached the summit of Kilimanjaro at sunrise today! They woke up at midnight for an "alpine start" to the day, and after a bit of breakfast they started up the Western Breach. This is a steeper route to the top and the dusting of snow made the day
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