Trip Reports
Jason writes in to give us a final update on the Kilimanjaro Trek: What a journey it has been. All the preparation and training required to show up ready to climb one of the tallest peaks in the world with a group of unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar place is like
The team stood on top of Kilimanjaro today! The left the Arrow Glacier camp in the middle of the night, climbing up through the Western Breach to reach the summit crater at sunrise. They continued across the flat crater floor, and then climbed the last bit up the remnant crater
Here is the report from lead guide Jason Denley today! "We departed Lava Tower Camp to Arrow Glacier High Camp today under sunny skies with increasing winds and climbed approximately 750ft in elevation. We had stellar views over the savannah looking down on the clouds and two villages. Huge rock walls
Today was a beautiful day! As the sun came over the mountain we had an amazing breakfast outside followed by our local team performing a good luck song and dance. A fun way to start the day before we departed for our next camp, Lava Tower (15,200ft). The team moved
Today the team had a great trek from Shira camp to Moir camp. We left under sunny skies and as we got closer to camp, the clouds moved in and rain quickly turned to snow.  Thankfully, not before camp was set and we had shelter. Our amazing cook team surprised
The team woke up under the forest canopy at Big Tree camp (9,120ft) to monkeys howling at sunrise, nobody gets to sleep in at Big Tree camp. After a breakfast including porridge, eggs, and toast, they hit the trail towards Shira 1 camp (11,500 ft). Here's the dispatch from the
After enjoying some wildlife viewing at the N’darakwai Lodge, the team made for the mountain. They arrived at the Londrossi Gate Park Entrance (7,350 ft/2,250 m), where they began the Lemosho Route. Jason sent us some Inreach messages with the team update: Today the team checked in the NPS and began
Our Kilimanjaro lead guide, Jason Denley, writes in to give us this update yesterday: Hello Friends and Family,  We have all successfully made it to Tanzania. We are currently staying at the Ndarakwai Ranch Camp and will depart for the mountain tomorrow morning. At times it feels as if we
It's the last month of the dry season in Tanzania and a perfect time to climb Kilimanjaro. This 19,300ft/5895m peak towers over the forests and plains of Tanzania, and still holds some remnant glaciers in the crater of this dormant volcano. Our team has arrived in Tanzania and today they
Josh calls in to let us know they made it to Camp 2. After a nice nap, the team is gearing up to make the final push through the very early hours of the morning into Basecamp. This time of year, the lower glacier offers the best conditions when it
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