Trip Reports
The January 13 Aconcagua Team is off the mountain now, and everyone is back in Mendoza recuperating from their expedition. Overall, the trip went well. And while the team was unable to reach the summit this go around, they gave it their best and that's what counts! Thank you for
Fermin called in with the update last night. The team moved up to High Camp at 19,620 feet (5,980m) yesterday. To get there is just a few hours hike. Leaving Camp 2 the team climbs steeply up and then finds a gradual ascent up to a shallow basin. The basin
Thiyag called in from Camp 2 at 18,000’ (5,480 m). After carrying some gear up to Camp 3/High Camp yesterday, the team enjoyed a well earned rest day today. Tomorrow they will continue to rest and acclimatize to this higher elevation before moving up to Camp 3 on the following
Yesterday the team carried a few things up to Camp 3/High Camp at 5,980m/19,620 feet. The hike is brief, only 2-3 hours. Carrying loads to the next camp gives the team a chance to acclimatize better to their latest elevation. Remembering that saying, "climb high, sleep low." Soon they will
The team is enjoying a little bit of time at Camp 2. Thiyag called in to update us and let us know that everyone is doing great! They're enjoying some Simon Garfunkel tunes over mashed potatoes and beef for dinner. No doubt they are enjoying some incredible views. Soon they
Thiyag called in from Camp 2 last night. The initial hour of hiking is visible from Camp 1 and ascends the broad bowl of scree that comprises the uppermost portion of the Relinchos Valley, and was once buried under the now mostly dead Relinchos Glacier. Above this point, most climbers
John updated us from Camp 1, 16,300′ (4,970 m). last night. He shared a great dinner time highlight of raspberry jello with whip cream! A super special occasion! The trail to ascends along the side of a steep gully next to a dead glacier covered in rocks. Fields of penitents (tall
The team called in to update us from Base Camp! They will be working their way up to Camp 1, and after that start hauling gear to camp 2 to continue to move up the mountain. They have enjoyed really nice weather, if not a bit too hot! From their
John called in to update us last night from their second camp. The team had a day of hiking that was similar to the day before. About 6 hours of hiking with light packs, thanks to the help of the mules. The Casa De Piedra camp is located at the
Our third Aconcagua expedition is under way! Fermin called in to give us an update. The team met in Mendoza a few days ago and had a gear check and a welcome dinner where the enjoyed some amazing Argentinian steaks. After acquiring climbing permits, they drove two and a half
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