May 26 Upper Rib: pinned down in Talkeetna

Nothing interesting, the weather is keeping the planes from flying to basecamp.  Lead guide Pi is keeping things busy, showing the team around Talkeetna and keeping the mood light with some stories from his times in the mountains.

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May 26 team: waiting in Talkeetna, still

Nothing new to report really, the team can’t be any more prepared to launch their Denali climb than they are now.  They are all anxiously watching the weather, waiting for the same break as everyone else.

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UAE #2: attempted a move from camp 1, turned around due to weather

The UAE team gave a go at moving camp but were ultimately discouraged in doing so by the building winds and increasingly heavy snow that are the first volleys of a good solid storm system.  They  reestablished camp and are back in the pattern of waiting for the weather to clear enough to move up.

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May 8 team: stiiiiill waiting

The weather at basecamp continues to be nonflyable, so the May 8 team is hanging out and generally helping around camp, packing the runway and doing all they can to make sure the planes can safely land when the weather does eventually break.

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May 22 team: backcarry from 11k

The storm is brewing, Caitlin reports….but the team still managed to travel down the glacier, pick up their gear cache and fortify camp in the face of increasing wind and heavy snow.  No big deal for them, in a good camp with all of their supplies on hand, weather just gives more opportunities to catch…


Mountain Trip guide PI just called from Talkeetna, where the team is on a “weather hold” today. Scot went for a run, and then the team met at the Roadhouse for a yummy meal. The team is hoping for a break in the weather long enough to fly onto the glacier. Fingers crossed! Good company…


It was a cold, windy, snowy day in the Alaska range, but the May 22nd team dug deep and moved from their Camp 1 at 7800 ft to their Camp 2 at 11200 ft. It was a long day with full, heavy packs but the team did a great job and they feasted on a…