Back down to high camp

They are back to the comfort of their tents at high camp after a wonderful windy summit day.   They’ll eat some dinner, drink lots of water and hot drinks to replenish themselves after a 12+ hour day, and get a good night sleep.   Tomorrow they’ll descend to the luxuries of the Plaza de Mulas base…


Aconcagua Jan 23 Team – ON THE SUMMIT!



The team called in from the top of South America!  The sattelites dropped the call mid-message from Chris, wishing his wife a happy wedding anniversary, but I’m going to leave the post as is, because it if full of exaltation and love.

Great job everyone!


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Aconcagua Summit Day (2)

The team is making great progress as Jacob called in from their first big food and water break at the old “Independencia Hut” along the route to the summit.   Don’t be fooled by the “Hut” in the name, it is a tiny falling down shelter, but a landmark along the route and a good place…