Five on the Summit Now!

We just received a call from the summit, we have 5 on top right now! 7.25am, Yahoo! Conditions seem perfect, with very light winds and not too many other climbers. The ascent started out very windy, but conditions have improved through the night. We have Manoj Vora, DaWang Chu Sherpa, Serki Sherpa, Pasang Gombu Sherpa…



Yesterday a team of climbers from around the globe met in Anchorage to begin an epic journey. The climbers have spend many months training, collecting the appropriate gear, and dreaming about their upcoming adventure. It was a busy day in Anchorage, starting with a team meeting and equipment check at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. The…



Andy Forbes just called in an update on the team. They are enjoying a rest day at high camp, getting prepared for a summit attempt tomorrow, weather permitting. Best of luck to the team! After nine days at 14 Camp, it must feel good to be on the move again.

Here’s Andy:


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Off to the Summit Tonight!

After a day of rest at the South Col, our small team is leaving in one short hour for the to! It’s not the best forecast, with winds of 20-25, but there are reports of only 30-40 people going tonight which allows a lot faster moving up and back. Manoj and the Sherpas are ready,…

Camp 4!

On the way! All our team is now in Camp 4 resting and getting ready for tonight. The weather is really quite good, probably nicer than in Base Camp, where it is snowing and sleeting this afternoon. We have 3 Sherpas supporting Manoj Vora for his summit go this evening. There were quite a few…

May 8th Team – Moved to 14,200′

Jacob called in a post that did not fully transmit over the temperamental satellite phone service available at such northern latitudes.  I’ll leave his brief message live for those who will enjoy hearing even a brief snippet of his voice. The team was finally able to move up out of the 11,200′ camp!  They pushed…