Denali Team Shan Moves to 14,200′

Lead Guide Brian Kramp called form the site of Team Shan’s new home for a few nights, at 14,200′ (4328 m), in the vast Genet Basin.  This basin is bordered to the west by the massive West Buttress, which carves the skyline and drops down in a series of steep ice slopes and dark rocky…


June 5 Denali Team Moves To Camp 1

One of the climbers from our June 5th Denali team called in from Camp 1 at 7800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier.  It was either Jorge or Arturo, so if anyone out there recognizes his voice, ayudame por favor! The team did well today, hiking the five miles in about as many hours.  The glacier has…


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May 29 Team Retrieves Cache

It was a relatively short, easy day for the May 29th Team. They descended approximately 500′ and retrieved their load of equipment and supplies from the cache. This system of caching/carrying/retrieving allows the team to systematically move the tremendous amount of equipment and supplies required for the expedition up the mountain. It also allows the…