June 5 Team: Rest Day at 14 Camp

Today at 14 Camp the team rested, relaxed, ate and caught up on sleep. They have a big day tomorrow, climbing up the Headwall section of the West Buttress Route. The Headwall starts out at about 45 degrees and mellows somewhat as you get higher. The 600′ vertical rise is protected by ropes affixed into…


June 2 Team

Unfortunately John’s message is garbled, but it’s clear he’s sending a big hello to Lucy and also to Pachi’s girls.

Here’s John:


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June 5 Team

Rob Leskun June 5 Mountain Trip

Rest Day

Here’s Rob

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Final Report for the May 24 Team

Although the West Buttress route is not considered a highly technical climb, the physical environment of Denali presents much of the climbing challenge: miles of heavily glaciated terrain, extremes of temperatures and weather, and climbing and living at altitude. In addition to extensive glacier travel on the lower mountain, the climbing is considerably steeper above…

Weather Day at 14 Camp for the May 28 Team

Taylor called in the team report tonight from 14 Camp. The team woke to snowy, cloudy conditions and they opted to remain in 14 Camp for another day. Taylor reports that the weather appears to be clearing and the team is excited to make the move up to High Camp.

Here’s Taylor:


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June 2 Team Caches at 16400′

It was an exciting day for the June 2nd Team as they moved a load of equipment and supplies up the steepest part of the route today. They packed up their loads  and climbed about 1,400′ up moderate snow slopes to the base of a section known as The Headwall. The Headwall starts out at about…