Denali Traverse Team at Camp 1

The Traverse team is at Camp 1 tonight.  They had great conditions on the trail, beautiful weather, and it sounds like spirits are high!

Listen to the crew call in from Camp 1.



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Lucky Lindy and Tyler teams: backcarry

Guides from both the Lucky Lindy and Tyler teams called in yesterday to report: they traveled down the glacier to pick up their cache of gear, and now are in camp 3 with all their food and equipment, ready to carry a similar load up the fixed lines to the ridge.

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Getting Close!

The team is in Base Camp now and getting ready for going up to Camp 2 on the 21st.  That would put us in line for a summit on the 25th of May.  A good time with far less crowding and from the forecasts, it looks like light winds and considerably warmer conditions. Lots of…