Nov 28 Aconcagua Photos

Chris sent us the following photos from Mendoza yesterday.  He, Lawrence, David and Fermin are all back in town and enjoying themselves after a long hike out from Plaza de Mulas.  The expression, “horses for the barn” is really fitting on the hike through the Horcones Valley.  Though the valley is spectacular, and more than…


Vinson Team at Base Camp

We got a call from our team in Antarctica this evening. They flew to base camp and are settled in for a couple of nights. Everyone is doing great and thrilled to be there, “A dream come true”.

Click to listen to the evening dispatch from Vinson Base Camp.


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Vinson Team is in Antarctica

They got on the plane this afternoon in Punta Arenas, Chile, and landed on the ice runway of Union Glacier tonight! Everyone is thrilled to finally be in Antarctica and they’ll have some dinner and spend the night there before the next leg of their journey to base camp. Vinson base camp is another 40…

Vinson Team Ready To Go!

They are heading to the airport and flying to Antarctica in the next couple of hours! They’ve been waiting patiently, and are excited to be on their way. It typically takes a couple of hours to get everyone to the airport, and it is a 4 1/2 hour flight to the airstrip at the Union…

Vinson Team on Hold

The team is on hold right now, waiting for weather to improve a bit in Antarctica before hopping on the plane.  ALE has a pretty sophisticated weather forecast for the Union Glacier base area, with remote weather stations, and a full time meteorologist to help make the weather calls.  It is usually winds that will…