Yesterday the June 24th team moved up and around windy corner to 13,500 ft to cache gear and supplies. They returned to 11,000 ft camp where they spent the night. Slowly and surely they are working their way up the mountain.

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June 15th Team Back in Camp

After a beautiful summit day the team is back in camp.  They had a big day and everyone is tired, after some hot drinks and food they’ll sleep well tonight.

Congratulations again to all!


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Warfighter Team Back to Talkeetna

The team reached basecamp this morning and flew out to Talkeetna shortly after.  They are now on their way back to Anchorage for a shower and a well deserved sleep.

We’ll get one of the guides to post a final re-cap in the coming days.

Welcome back guys!

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Team Duncan Back To Civilization

Duncan and his guides reached basecamp this morning and flew out to Talkeetna.  They are already on their way back to Anchorage.

We’ll ask one of the guides to do a final dispatch and trip recap when they recover tomorrow.

Welcome back Duncan, Caitlin and Dan!

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We just received word that the June 15th team is leaving high camp for the summit! The team reports great weather, calm winds and beautiful skies. Our thoughts will be with the team as they dig deep to find the strength to make it to the summit.

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West Rib Team to the base of the route

The team pushed up the NE Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier yesterday and reached the base of the W. Rib.  The glacier travel to get there can be tricky, and there is a pretty interesting icefall to navigate, but the real technical climbing begins now.  The route starts with the “Chicken Couloir” a steep, typically…

June 15th Team at High Camp

The team is at high camp enjoying a beautiful day and getting ready for the summit tomorrow.   The weather up high has been perfect and they hope it stays that way for a little while longer.

Here’s Kim with the call from 17,200 ft.


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June 24th Team At Camp 2

Today the team did a “back carry” where they went back down the hill to pick up the cache they left a couple of days ago, and brought all that gear up to camp.  Back carry days are usually relatively easy days and teams can sleep in and have a leisurely morning, with just a…