May 8 team: still at basecamp

Patiently waiting for the weather to break: think positive and maybe we can get the weather to lift enough to get our team back to civilization!

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May 22 team: settled into camp 2

Caitlin called in after tucking everyone into their tents for the evening.  Sounds like the team put forth a strong effort and single carried all of their gear and food to 10,200′, dropped a cache and proceeded on to camp 2, where they met up with another Mountain trip team.  She was very proud of…

UAE #2: carried gear up the Kahiltna

The team traveled in typical glacier conditions today: windy, snowing and low visibility.  They pushed up the Kahiltna as planned despite the less-than-ideal weather and cached their gear at around 9,900′.  They returned to camp uneventfully and are ready to go at it again tomorrow.

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