Brian With a Special Call From the Base of the NW Buttress

Brian called this in from the base of their route.  I’ll not spoil the surprise, but his brother should listen!

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Team NWB at Peter’s Glacier

Hi folks, Jared called in to report that the team had back carried to Mt. Caps, then headed down again to their camp on the Peter’s Glacier.  Tomorrow they will move to the first camp on the route of the North West Buttress of Denali, at an approximate elevation of 10,500 feet. Everyone is doing…

Update From Alaska

Hello Everyone, I wanted to give you all an update.  We are still not able to provide any names, but the climber with a broken leg is doing remarkably well in a hospital in Anchorage.  With the deepest regret, I need to announce that the other climber was found at about 18,000′, however he did…

Back In Base Camp

May 13th, Base Camp The whole team is back in base camp this evening, the last of the Sherpa are rolling in this afternoon. We all had a great and worthwhile break down in Dingboche, and we’re feeling good and ready to go when we get our window of good weather. All of the climbers…

Call from 10,500′

Michael called this in from 10,500′.  Enjoy!

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Carried Up to 10,500′ Today

Michael just called to report that after taking a weather day yesterday, due to very high winds, the team had a great day today.  They made a carry up and around the most northeasterly corner of the Kahiltna Glacier and made a cache at 10,500′, just shy of their next camp.  They are about to…

Summit Attempt and Scary Situation

Hello Everyone, I apologize for the delay in posting, but the NPS requested that we keep mum until we all had more information about a situation that unfolded during yesterday’s summit attempt.  At this time, we are not permitted to share any names, so I deeply apologize in advance for the anxiety I am certain…

At the Base of the Route!

Jared just called to report that the NWB team is at the base of the route and looking forward to moving up it tomorrow. His call was very short and sweet (hey- he’s a nice guy!), most likely because they are nestled deep in the Peters Basin, with lots of steep rock and ice between…