June 7 Team – Back at High Camp

The team arrived back at High Camp at around 22:00 Alaska Time. They had a big day and worked super hard to reach the summit and return to camp.

Great job to all the climbers!!

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Today a group of climbers from around the world are finishing their journey to Anchorage, Alaska, where they will join together as a team to attempt to climb a classic route on the highest peak in North America. The West Buttress route is an iconic challenge for mountaineers, ascending 13,000′ from a tributary of the…

June 7 Team is summit bound!!

The June 7 team awoke to clear skies and very warm temperatures, so they packed up their equipment and departed for the summit at around 08:30 local time. They will call in when they either reach the summit or reach their high point, but we’re optimists and are expecting a phone call from the top…