May 8 team: still at basecamp

Patiently waiting for the weather to break: think positive and maybe we can get the weather to lift enough to get our team back to civilization!

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May 22 team: settled into camp 2

Caitlin called in after tucking everyone into their tents for the evening.  Sounds like the team put forth a strong effort and single carried all of their gear and food to 10,200′, dropped a cache and proceeded on to camp 2, where they met up with another Mountain trip team.  She was very proud of…

UAE #2: carried gear up the Kahiltna

The team traveled in typical glacier conditions today: windy, snowing and low visibility.  They pushed up the Kahiltna as planned despite the less-than-ideal weather and cached their gear at around 9,900′.  They returned to camp uneventfully and are ready to go at it again tomorrow.

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Denali.  “The Great One.”  Mount McKinley. By any name, the behemoth that dominates south central Alaska is something to behold in awe and to treat with the utmost respect.  For climbers, the mountain presents what many might consider the challenge of a lifetime, as they pit themselves against brutal winds, arctic temperatures and the thin…


The May 26th Team took some time to enjoy beautiful, downtown Talkeetna yesterday while they were waiting for the clouds to lift. The team departing the Millennium Hotel in Anchorage. Mountain Trip guide Ian enjoying some Alaskan wildlife. In Talkeetna, weighing in at Talkeetna Air Taxi. Mountain Trip guides Josh and Zach (rigged to flip!)…

West Rib team: poised to launch up the rib proper

Despite weather delays for other teams on the mountain, the West Rib team has managed to advance their expedition forward and are planning to begin the climb today, finally leaving the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna.  We will update as soon as we get definitive word…

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May 26 team: enjoying the Talkeetna hang

Weather kept the team from flying yesterday, but lead guide Ian Nicholson made use of the down time; making sure everything was in order and practicing a wide scope of mountain skills that will prove essential during their expedition.  This morning Ian reported the weather had improved a little and was happily heading to the…