June 5 – Japan 8 8 Team Calls From the Summit of Denali!!!

Lead guide Eli Potter, Keizo, and Mr. Ishikawa called in from the very top of North America!  The team climbed well today and they are on the summit of Denali!  They had a very clear day, with light winds, and the view from the top is absolutely amazing.

Congratulations to the climbers!!!


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June 9 Gigi Legacy Team Descending

We just received word that the Gigi Legacy team is headed back to Base Camp. It sounds like Bob has sustained an injury to his leg, and while he is ambulatory, he has elected to descend. We are so sorry that this happened and we are super proud of Bob’s effort. The guides report that…

Back Carry For June 13 Team

Hui Ling and Christiaan called in the team’s report today. The climbers made a back carry today, meaning that they dropped back down to the site of their last supply cache at about 13,500′, dug it up from the snow and carried the supplies back up to 14 Camp.  This makes for a pretty easy…

Team Japan 8 8 at High Camp

Yesterday was a stormy day at High Camp for Team Japan 8 8. Guide Eli Potter reports strong winds again today, but clear skies. It sounds like Mr. Matsumotosan has developed altitude sickness and will be descending with a guide to lower elevation. The team will be monitoring the weather closely, and if given an…