June 15th West Buttress Team – Final Dispatch

Sean checks in with the final dispatch from the June 15th Denali Expedition.  He’s making the final post on a sunny day in Anchorage and everyone is on their way back towards home.

Here’s Sean!


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Team Jaahnavi Descending

Jaahnavi called in from the 7,800 ft camp this evening on their descent from high camp.  It sounds like they had a beautiful day on the descent and are planning to head to basecamp early tomorrow morning.  They’ll travel the final 5+ miles to base camp during the coldest time of the day and hope…

June 26 Team – Amanda Calls From 14 Camp

Amanda Birkett called from 14,200′ where the members of the June 26th Team are all enjoying spectacular weather, after their extended stay in a snowstorm at their previous camp.  Today, they reviewed skills that they will need to use as they move higher up the mountain. The guides established a series of “fixed lines” by…

Team Jaahnavi Checks In From 14,200′

Our guide Kristin Arnold called on behalf of Team Jaahnavi.  They descended down from High Camp at 17,200′ to the big basin camp at 14,200′ today.  It was a long descent, but Jaahnavi did really well, even climbing up on top of a rock tower known as “Washburn’s Thumb!” Back in camp, they settled in…


Unfortunately the team dispatch is too garbled to understand, but we know that the team moved to 14 Camp yesterday and everyone is safe and sound.

Here is the mystery caller:


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Team Jaahnavi Update from Fischer

Fischer Hazen called in on behalf of Team Jaahnavi.  The team had a really tough go of it, moving up to High Camp at 17,200′ yesterday.  Conditions were very difficult and they made it to camp ahead of a lightning storm.  Today, they rested at camp and discussed their options. Given the conditions of the…