Everest 2015 – Jacob calls in report of an earthquake

Jacob Schmitz just called in the frightening report of an avalanche that hit Everest Base Camp, following what felt like an earthquake.  His report is not very clear, due to the quality of the satellite transmission.


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Everest 2015 – Resting and Recovering

Jacob called in just now, but unfortunately, his post was very garbled.  There have been some challenges with cellular reception at Base Camp, and tonight’s post is barely understandable… Scott has been dealing with an upper respiratory infection for the past couple of weeks, and when the team pushed up through the Khumbu Icefall yesterday,…

Everest 2015 Team – Skills Day at Base Camp

Unfortunately, the post called in from our guide Jacob Schmitz was a bit garbled, but the team is doing great.  They worked on skills today, climbing some ice faces near Base Camp and reviewing strategies for crossing ladders, efficiently passing running belays and other techniques they will employ when they head up through the tumultuous…

Team Settling in to Everest Base Camp

They spent the day at Everest Base Camp enjoying the comforts of tent living and going over some climbing/mountaineering skills in the ice nearby camp.   Tomorrow David and Alisha will start back down the valley and towards Island Peak for their climb, while Scott and Jacob acclimatize to the high altitude tent city they will…

Everest Base Camp Today!

They arrived at Everest Base Camp today!  They have moved into their tents at Base Camp and are settling into the big dome tent for dinner tonight.   We should get a call with a dispatch from base camp later tonight, but spoke with Jacob earlier and they are doing great!

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