May 12 Team – At 14,200′ Camp

I have not heard from the team as yet this evening, but they did send a check in report from their Spot GPS device, which tells us that they are doing well and also showed that they are still camped at the 14,200′ basin.  Below is a screen shot of their location.

May 12 Team on May 24 2014

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May 22 Team – Fun Call From Base Camp!

Amy, Rob, Dan called in a nice update from Base Camp on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, with what sounded like Mike chiming in with a shout-out to folks in Bellingham and San Fran.  The team spent today reviewing skills that they will employ as they begin their ascent of Denali. Everyone sounded…

West Rib: moved to Safe Camp at 9,300′

Con Severis reported a surprisingly easy move up the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna to their advance camp.  They are now established at the best camp near the base of the entry couloir onto the West Rib.

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May 8 team: rest day at 14k

The weather sounded harsh up there today, and the May 8 team hunkered down in their fortified camp to wait out the weather and give another try at moving to high camp when the weather improves.

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