Nepal Relief Effort

There are many organizations contributing time, money and resources to the relief effort in Nepal.  The devastation as a result of the recent earthquake is still beyond calculation and the need for both short and long term assistance is dire. Mountain Trip is supporting the Dzi Foundation, which assists remote villages in eastern Nepal.  The…


Everest Update April 29 – Call from Jacob

Jacob called in another update from Everest Base Camp, where he has been helping clean up after the earthquake and avalanche of five days ago.  He describes the scene at Base Camp and what has been happening in recent days.  This transmission is quite clear and we appreciate his details.


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Update From Nepal

The evening (local time) update from Nepal is that all of our staff have been flown off the mountain and are at Base Camp.  Three helicopters flew all climbers from Camp 1 back to Base Camp, as the route through the Icefall was rendered impassable due to the numerous aftershocks in the past 36 hours.…

Everest Update – Phone Call from Base Camp

Our Lead Guide Jacob Schmitz called in a detailed post recapping the events of the past two days.  His report was cut off by a relatively poor satellite phone connection, but his description is sobering.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone so terribly affected by the earthquake and the following aftershocks.


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