Aconcagua -Nov. 28 team SPOT link

Our friend Lawence has a Spot GPS device along with him and asked that we share the link to the device’s webpage where yu can follow the team’s progress as the ascend the Ameghino Valley route of Aconcagua.
Here is the link:

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Call from Aconcagua Base Camp!

Lawrence called from the Plaza Argentina base camp this afternoon.  They are all doing great and enjoying the amenities of base camp.  It is a pretty comfortable place with catered meals and a comfortable dining tent.


Here’s the call from Lawrence:

Aconcagua base camp 12.3.11

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Trekking towards base camp

Our climbers are trekking towards base camp and plan to hike the final stretch on the 3rd.   They’ve had a beautiful trek so far up the Vacas Valley from the highway up to the camp called Casa de Peidra.   The first day was quite leisurely, hiking about 4 hours in beautiful weather up to their…

Nov 28 Aconcagua- Hiking in!

The team made the trip up to Penitentes yesterday and is hiking in to their first camp today.  They took an extra day in Mendoza as they ran around looking for gear to replace the equipment of Greg’s that did not arrive on his flight.  Fortunately, with help from the rest of the team, they…

In Mendoza!

Hola from Argentina, The first Mountain Trip expedition of the year is just one delayed piece of luggage away from hitting the road for the trailhead! The team became complete with the arrival of Greg Harris yesterday. Not even an Ecuadorian volcanic eruption could keep him from arriving in good spirits, although it did prevent…

Welcome to Mendoza

The November 28th team has begun to assemble in Mendoza, Argentina. Here, they will have a team meeting, go over the itinerary, do a gear check, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Mendoza while our crew makes final preparations for the climb. Climbers on the team are Dave Bailey, Lawrence Cutler, and Greg Harris.…