Denali June 17 Team – Call From Kyle

Our guide Kyle Bates called in from 7,800′ on the Kahilnta Glacier.  The team made a carry up to about 10,000′ today, starting out in some snowy, slightly adverse weather, but things warmed up as they moved along.  Everyone is doing well and they are excited to move up to 11,200′ tomorrow.

Here’s Kyle:


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May 30 Team – Thoughts From the Guides

Hello everyone and thank you for following our Mountain Trip Denali West Buttress Expedition. After being back in Anchorage for two days, unpacking, cleaning equipment and resting, I think we all have had time to think back on this amazing, exciting and for some, life-changing expedition.  I do warn people that expeditions are addictive…! We…

Denali June 17 Team – Meet The Team!

Lead guide Sebastian Grau called in from the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier with introductions for our June 17 West Buttress team. Denali is an iconic mountain for anyone with a love of wild places and the classic West Buttress route attracts mountaineers from around the globe.  This team emblematic of the international appeal…