May 30 Team Moves to Camp 3 at 14,200 ft

Laura called in from the May 30 team after climbing up to Camp 3 today.  They are enjoying beautiful weather and sounds like they are doing great up there.

Listen to Laura’s call from Camp 3.


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Greg Calls in from Camp 2

Today the team did a “back carry” meaning they went downhill from their camp at 11,000 ft to the cache they left 2 days ago at 10,200 ft.  They picked up their cache of food and gear and brought it up to their camp.   It’s a relatively short day, usually not more than 2 hours…

Nicole calls from the May 26th Denali Expedition

Nicole had the honors tonight and called in from the 14,200 ft camp on the West Buttress.   Today was a rest/acclimatization day after yesterdays big climb to the ridge at 16,400ft.  They enjoyed beautiful weather and are ready to move on up to high camp tomorrow.

Listen to the call:


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West Rib Team Summits!!

Congratulations to the West Rib Team!  Klara, Jay, and Eli had a beautiful day for the big push to the summit from their high camp on the West Rib.   It is a huge accomplishment to successfully climb the entire West Rib to the summit, and requires a ton of work, dedication, and not a little…

Denali 2013 General Update

The long stretch of bluebird skies and low winds came to a halt a couple days ago, when a low pressure system moved across the mountain, bringing with it clouds and snow.  We currently have 6 teams on Denali and one waiting to fly into the Range.  Here is the general update as of Wednesday,…

May 30 Team – Camped at 11,200′

Our guide Ted Grosgebauer called in from the stunningly beautiful camp at 11,200′.  The team pushed up from 7,800′ camp with moderate snow falling, but climbed above the snow cloud and arrived in camp in good style. I spoke with Laura Duncan earlier and she said that the weather at 7,800′ was looking pretty bad,…