Move to 14,200′

The West Rib team made a quick move from 11 to 14 camp, moving very strongly despite a stiff wind coming around Windy Corner.  Everyone reports feeling strong and motivated.  The plan is to backcarry their gear today and prepare to head up the fixed lines to 16,000′ tomorrow.

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Carry to 14,500′

The crew put in another great day yesterday, carrying a load of food and gear to 14,500′.  Conditions sounded a little icy but Jared still reported fun climbing and a team that continues to step up and work hard.  The weather was trying to cooperate; the winds were up a little in the a.m. but…

May 20th Team Calls From the Glacier

Hello Everyone, Our May 20th Highly Supported West Buttress team is on the glacier and apparently having a pretty good time, from the sound of the podcast they called in on the evening of May 22nd. The team met in Anchorage on Saturday, May 20th and the guides conducted a thorough equipment check, helping to…

Isaac Calling From 11,200′

Rough weather kept the crew in camp today, after making a carry around Windy Corner yesterday.  They had planned to move up and around the Corner again today, passing the cache of supplies they left at 13,500′ and progressing to the large 14,200′ (4328m) camp.

Here’s Isaac:

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]
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Just hanging out

Mike called in and he had nothing new to report, they are still hanging out at 14k in camp waiting for the winds to die down up high.  Mountaineering is often a waiting game, so everyone is listening to their iPods or reading books and waiting for the next meal to be cooked.  As soon…

A little garbled

I spoke with Jared last night, and what sounded like high winds in the background was just the stoves melting snow for water.  Jared reported that all was well, but the connection was poor and I couldn’t understand enough to give an accurate report as to what had happened for the day.  I’ll get a…

Adam Smith Checks In From 14,200′

Adam called in a podcast from camp at 14,200′ (4328m).  They spent the day fortifying their camp with snow walls, as high winds buffeted the team.  It sounds like what we would call “full-on” conditions, requiring multiple layers of clothing and facemasks to protect their noses and cheeks from the bite of the wind. Building…

A changing dynamic

As so often happens on Denali expeditions, two guests from Joe Butler’s team have decided to descend to basecamp.  Art and Bob hitched a ride with two Mountain Trip rope teams and are now either in the air from basecamp or already in Talkeetna.  The rest of the group forges on, with plans to carry…