June 23 Denali Team Waiting out the Weather

The team is ready to move up to high camp, but the weather today didn’t cooperate. It was a windy day up high on the mountain and they’ll need some better weather to move to high camp. Everyone is doing great and ready to go when they get the chance.

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June 24th Team in good spirits at 14,200 ft camp

Josh called in for a happy 4th of July post today. They are doing great and settled into camp, hoping to carry a load of food and fuel up to higher tomorrow in preparation for a move to high camp.

Here’s Josh from Camp 3:


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Back in Talkeetna!

The team endured some pretty rough weather with more wind and snow making even descending Denali a challenge. They made it down to base camp early this morning after traveling through the night, and are back in the relative civilization of Talkeetna for breakfast this morning. Our van will pick them up and they’ll be…

June 23rd Team Backcarried from 14,200′

Dawn Weaver called in from 14,200′ after the team took a rather leisurely day today.  They slept in this morning, getting some well deserved rest following the tough day of moving up from 11,200′ the day before.  The smell of pancakes grilling in the kitchen tent greeted the climbers when they awoke.  After a slow…


Durny and Jurgen are making their way back down to Base Camp, but it’s been a bit slow going due to the tough weather conditions. They stayed at 11 Camp last night, and if the conditions permit they will continue their descent today.

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