Soon to come: trip recap from Jacob

For all you blog followers out there, we appreciate you tuning in to follow the expedition.  Lead guide Jacob is composing the final entry and promises to post it tonight, so check back one more time.  Thanks!

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Lawrence Cutler calling from 14,200′

Lawrence called the following podcast in from 14,200′ camp.  It sounds like they tood a beating in the winds on Friday night, but have emerged with healthy appetites, and continued good humor. The cook tent Lawrence refers to is a custom built, five sided structure with no floor.  It looks something like a pyramid, and…

Ahh, Base Camp…

Base Camp Everest. May 7th Bill Allen Ephi, Neal, Chris, and I descended through the Khumbu Ice again this morning after 6 nights up at Camp 2. The rest of the team (Scott, Gregg, Irek, and Newall) are putting in their sixth night up high tonight, and will be back down here in the land…

Mt Everest “Davenport Dispatch”

“Skiing the Lhotse Face” May 7, 2011 Everest Basecamp Namaste and greetings everyone! We are finally back down in Basecamp after our second rotation on the mountain. We spent six nights at Camp II, which is at 21,400′ and had excellent weather while we were up there acclimatizing. The great thing about Camp II is…

Back at Base Camp

Chris Davenport called in a report on reaching base camp today, and they’ll be posting some pics and dispatches a bit later.

Everest May 7 2011 CDavenport from EBC

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Carry to Kahiltna Pass

Jared called to let me know of another successful day of hauling loads up the upper Kahiltna.  They carried loads to Kahiltna Pass in preparation for moving camp up to 10,000′ (3,048m), hopefully today.  Weather looks good and cold, reported to be -15F (-26C) at night and destined to stay cold as long as the…

Jerry Calling From 14,200′

‘Twas a lazy day for the team today, but the mustered up the energy to take a stroll to the “Edge of the World” and looked down upon the “Valley of Death.”  Thanks to Jerry for such a detailed recap of the day’s events.

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